Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Good Start To The Week So Far.

My week started of really well, i had a good day at the car boot sale my first visit this year on Sunday.Monday i was given this sweet hen house with a run and 2 hens.They have been good girls laid 2 eggs every day since they have arrived,they will have to stay in a run as i have foxes that are around most days, i have let my hens out before and mr fox has had his tea,so they will have to be kept in a secure run.
The heart wreath with chickens and small heart i found at my local garden centre along with this heart plant stake.

This is a couple of my finds at the car boot sale on Sunday,a noahs ark and shapes to go on a fridge, my little grandson will love these.

Today my Home Farmer magazine arrived , its full of ideas for gardeners,allotment holders,small farmers.chicken lovers, cooks and full of household tips ,its well worth a look.

And heres the eggs the girls laid,a cheese dish from a charity shop and a fabric chicken that was a present for last years birthday.As you can see i really do love chickens,i could do a whole posting on chickens all shapes and sizes.I picked up the book from the charity shop and the chicken breakfast set for Ellis i found at the boot sale on sunday,my best find this week was a cream wooden rocking chair for a friend, that has been wanting for some time now and i only paid £5.00 for it and as my mum was waiting for me to pick her and all my finds up someone came and offered her £20 for it but she said no bless her,so my friend was really pleased,i will post a picture of it later.Hope the rest of the week goes well as the start of it.Take care~Kate~


Wendy said...

Great finds!!! I am going to look into the magazine!!! Have a great evening!~Wendy

Diane said...

Hi your new chicken hotel is great, better keep mr Fox out !!! Im trying to find out why you cant copy your photos to a cd, in the meantime, in case something bad happens to your computer, go to.. and register, its free, you will then get storage space, then upload alll your photos and they will be safe

Diane said...

got an other idea for yo, as i tried to copy my pics like i told you and it worked ok, better idea is to go to then sign up and download it to your pc and install it, it then looks for all thepics you have on your pc and copies them to itsself, then you can either upload them to your album online or picasa will burn them to disc, not using windows cd writer, give it a go xx

Country Bliss said...

Your hens look so sweet and are doing well to have laid everyday. Great finds I'm looking forward to car boot season!
Yvonne x

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What great finds!!! Of course I love the blue paint on your neat hen house:)
Have a great week ahead!

Teresa said...

I love the pictures of your hen house. I came across your blog when I googled "Interesting Facts about Pine Trees" kind of random :-) I am going to see if they offer that magazine in the states. I loved the articles it offered on the cover. Have a great day!