Sunday, 23 August 2009

50th Birthday Party

Hi.I have been a bad blogger neglecting my blog not good enough,time ust seems to run away and before you know it a couple of months have passed,so lets up date with whats been going on. This is my daughter-in-law with my handsome grandson Ellis i held a 50th birthday party for my best friend,we popped up a few gazebos as we thought it would be raining and it was all morning until everyone arrived at 3p.m and then the sun came out for the rest of the day and no one used them but at least they were there.Almost every one of the 60 people adults and children came so it was a real family day and every one seem to have fun.The food was a joint effort between a few of us so the made it less stressfull.
This is Ellis trying to remember how to do the sack race, his Dad helped him with the last one.they did cheat a little but i don't think anyone minded.

This is just a few of Hazel's friends,the others were on the lawn joining in a little sports day for the kids but a lot of the adults joined in as well.

My daughter-in-law made the cake for Hazel,Hazel just loves tennis during the 2 weeks of Wibledon you never get a word out of her as she is glued to the t.v,next year we are hoping to visit my brother who stays just outside London and try and watch a game,so fingers cro This was the gazebos all set up but no one used them until the end of the day.

This is my friend Hazel on the left my self in the middle and Hazel's sister Jen.I used to look after Jen when she was a baby i always loved babies while i was growing up.

This is Hazel and Jen this was supposed to be at the start of the blog,so you can see i am out of practice.Hope to get back to blogging more often,i still love to read everyones blogs and keep up with you all.My next post will be on my 20years service with the practice,so keep an eye open.~take care~Kate~