Friday, 27 June 2008

Going On My Holidays

Grandma is still not to good at posting pictures, this is the 3rd attempt at loading 3 heres hoping this works.I am hiding from my mummy as i want to stay at home with my 2 grandmas and my dog millie.Oh no she found me, look what she does next.Well now i am nearly packed i should go.But don't worry grandmas i will be back soon.My 2 sons and dil and Ellis is of tommorow for 2 1/2 weeks to perth australia.i am sure it will pass quickly.Hopefully this will work this time.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Thank you Rondell

Thank you Rondell for tagging me.Sorry for not replying sooner,my server keeps switching of then re starting you know what its like. No1 For my self 1 hour peace and quiet before the day starts.2.Catch up reading all my favourite blogs.3.Go to the car boot sales and jumble sales.4.Visit friends.5.Talk to family and friends on the telephone and talk as long as i Things i have done for strangers.1.Gave money to a teenage boy for the telephone.2.Got help for a down and out that was injured.3 gave money to a young couple for bus fares who had to get home late at night.4.Gave a lady a lift home from the hospital as she was going to catch a bus,but i was going past her street.Helped an old lady with her shopping to the car.Hobbies.Reading,2.sewing.3.knitting.4.walking.5.Collecting eggs from my free range chickens. For Friends and Family.1.Always at the end of the telephone for my sons and family.3.Give my free range eggs to friends and workmates.4.Make jams and curds to give to my mums friends and my friends.5.Last but not least drive my older son to the pub at the weekends and even pick him up if he is lucky!!!! I know its not set out as well as everyone else has done but i am still learning. I was going to tag some of my favourites but they have all been tagged.Hopefully the next time my niece and i will have this all worked out.Thanks to Lesley's tips. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog .i really do appreciate the comments. and this week i will try and keep up to date with it.Hugs.Kate

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Views From My Home

This week i must try and update my blog at least 3 times, i feel really bad as i so look forward to reading all of my favourite blogs.I am still trying to work out how to add them to my list,any suggestions would be grateful.The first picture is comming out of my back gate and going on to the moor, thats where i go every morning with the dogs for a walk there are different ways i can go and i will post them later.Sometimes if we are lucky we see the deer that is living on this side of the moor, thank goodness the dogs are too interested in chasing the bunnies and don't go after themThe 2nd picture is looking from my front window, this is a favourite of mine as i love the sea., i count my self very lucky to have such views and still live close to the town.,the other pictures are of the moor taken on Saturday night about 6.00 p.m .Last weekend i met up with my son and dil and grandson Ellis,then we all went of to the beach with dogs it was such a lovely sunny day nothing like to day its cold feels like the begining of spring,my grandson is wearing his new sunbands my dil was trying him to get used to them as they are going to Australia next week to visit some school friends, and i am soooo going to miss them all.Today at the carboot sale it was nothing to write home about , i only picked up a few items, i think the weather put a lot of people off from turning out,maybe next week it will be good.Thats all for now.Hope you enjoy the pictures.take care Kate

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Adding graphics hopefully

Where does the time go to . i can't belive its been a week since i have posted anything and i feel quite bad as lots of you post a couple of times and week, and i love to read what everyone has been up to.This weekend i had to nurse a poorly 5 week old kitten that was inj by its mum, it needed round the clock care, but sadly it didn't make it, thats thing about my job there are lots of wounderful stories and a few sad ones you just have to focus on the good times. The very first vet that i worked for gave me some great advice and it stayed with me to this day, try and think of it life short or long and take comfort that its been loved and given the owners the same love back, thats how i deal with any saddness at the end of thier lives, and its the best advice ever.My grandson now has two teeth and sitting all by himself,my dil thinks it won't be long before he is crawling and boy that should be fun .I am still trying to get the hang of posting pictures and today i am going to have a go and add some graphics, fingers crossed.As you can see still learning, need to talk to niece tonight for some tips.Thank you to everyone who has left comments, i really look forward to reading them.Hugs Kate