Thursday, 26 March 2009

Braided Rug and Car Boot Finds

Was in Tescos last night and came across this pink braided rug for £5.99 and i thought i have to have this,i came home and checked out the latest catalogue to see if they came in different colours bad sadly no,they did have girls red checked bedding its so sweet check it out.
This is my latest addition a cross silkie cockerel he has settled in well with the girls,he came free from our local ads paper.One of the girls is moulting so not laying as well but hopefully it will be back to 2 a day soon.

My rhubarb is growing quite well ,its always late in the North East,i love to make jam and crumbles,but this year i am hoping to find news ways with the rhubarb so any recipes would be welcome.

On mothers day i recieved flowers cards and this recipe book,we usually go out but my mum has had a bad fall and cracked her ribs so my time has been taken up looking after her,today she came for a visit but i had to take her home after lunchtime i think it was maybe just a little to early for her to be out and about.

And of course on Sunday it was my happy day bargain hunting, and look at these goodies,the baskets were £2.00 and the picture 50p, i had to try and be good but as you will see by the next few pictures i was not.

My friend who was with me egged me on to buy this lovely hand bag for £3.oo.The next 2 items i didn't need much encouragement as you will see i just love baskets the older the better,the first one is for the cats and the other is a childrens cycle basket,my excuse is its for Ellis,(honest Diane).

The garden is being prepared for potatoes and vegetables,so i will keep you all up to date on how its going.Well thats all for today,hope everyone is enjoying the spring sunshine.~Kate~

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A Few pictures of my car boot finds and ginger boy

This is my ginger boy,you can usually find him here every morning after he has been out all night he comes in has his breakfast then he sleeps there following the sun along the top of the sofa,then he has his supper and away out for the night,this is just one of my cats i must try and take pictures of the rest of them.He is a great hunter and is never far from the house his only fault is he is not to keen on my neighbours cat but i think Sooty feels the same.
The car boot sale has started to become really good again for bargains.I bought the herb pot for £1 some of the glaze is missing but i thought once there is plants in it know one would notice it.The metal pail and the chicken grain ladle was £2 i have been looking for one of these for awhile now,my friends laugh at me i keep telling them if you look hard enough each week it will be there,i overheard a lady saying to her friend there is everything to found here even the kitchen sink and i looked round and there was one so we started to laugh and they were right.
The old mixing bowl was £1.50 and the blue/white enamel pie dish was 50p and the pressure cooker was a find at £3.50 i have just started to use the pressure cooker again as it saves so much time and money,i bought one new from Argos at christmas time and it was not cheap,so i am glad to have came across this one it is in good condition.

This ottoman was £3.50 i passed it 3 times and i thought if it is still there when i go back it is comming home with me, and this bolster was another find it was £4.00 the lady selling it had loads and loads of lovely fresh linen,towels tablecloths,and bedding but by this time my purse was empty.

I know what you must be thinking sledges,but they were only £1 each when it snowed the shops were sold out and the ones you could buy were expensive so better to be prepared i say.My friend asked me to look out for a basket for the kids toys again they were £2.00 each then a bag of wool.Soi had a great day on Sunday and everything was a bargain.The chickens are laying well i am hoping to buy a few more this weekend.A friend has asked if they could plant potatoes in my garden as they don't have space,they will share the harvest with me i am just pleased to see the ground used,i just wish i had more time for the garden as the soil is really good for all vegetables,hopefully my fruits trees i have bought will bare fruit this year so i will keep you posted.Hope you are all having a good week so far.Take care~Kate~

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Good Start To The Week So Far.

My week started of really well, i had a good day at the car boot sale my first visit this year on Sunday.Monday i was given this sweet hen house with a run and 2 hens.They have been good girls laid 2 eggs every day since they have arrived,they will have to stay in a run as i have foxes that are around most days, i have let my hens out before and mr fox has had his tea,so they will have to be kept in a secure run.
The heart wreath with chickens and small heart i found at my local garden centre along with this heart plant stake.

This is a couple of my finds at the car boot sale on Sunday,a noahs ark and shapes to go on a fridge, my little grandson will love these.

Today my Home Farmer magazine arrived , its full of ideas for gardeners,allotment holders,small farmers.chicken lovers, cooks and full of household tips ,its well worth a look.

And heres the eggs the girls laid,a cheese dish from a charity shop and a fabric chicken that was a present for last years birthday.As you can see i really do love chickens,i could do a whole posting on chickens all shapes and sizes.I picked up the book from the charity shop and the chicken breakfast set for Ellis i found at the boot sale on sunday,my best find this week was a cream wooden rocking chair for a friend, that has been wanting for some time now and i only paid £5.00 for it and as my mum was waiting for me to pick her and all my finds up someone came and offered her £20 for it but she said no bless her,so my friend was really pleased,i will post a picture of it later.Hope the rest of the week goes well as the start of it.Take care~Kate~