Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Just to say thank you and a few pictures

This was my very first award the Art Pico, that was given to me by Rondell at tomatoe-creek prims,Rondell has made me feel really welcome and introduced me to all you wonderful ladies in blogland,as i said before i am not good at graphics etc and i feel really bad for not doing this sooner. The other award I Love your blog was given to me by Merrie from wheretheblackbirdsings like Rondell ,Merrie has made feel welcome and i love her stories about all her doggies.My family are comming home in a few weeks time so i am going to capture my brother and sister-in-law and keep them until i can work this pictures and everything else i have discovered all of the wondeful blogs about prim and everyones home life and pictures i have not watched tv at all and i can't say i am sorry.You are lovely people and i am so glad i have discovered you all.This is a few pictures of my car boot sale finds. Yes Diane this is yet another basket but its to put christmas goodies in,the stool will be rubbed down and painted,the chicken was given to me by my friend in Shetland its lovely autum colours so it will go nicely at this time of year,the napkins i will prim up.The socks were hand knitted by the lady's grandma and i only paid £2.00 and they are pure wool soft and warm.Thank you again to everyone who takes time to read my blog and leave comments i really do appreciate everyone.Take Care~Kate~

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Car boot finds and prim christmas items from e-bay

The rocking chair was a bargain i only paid £4.00 for and the basket £1 I am thinking i might paint the chair black or barn red what what do you think i would be gratefull for all suggestions.

The feather tree and reindeer i bought from e-bay here in the u.k the reindeer is about 20" tall and i just love him and the tree of course i do love pinetrees.

The basket mixing bowl and scales came from the car boot sale this weekend a i also bought more wooden childrens blocks that i am painting and you will see later hopefully,that they will work out they way i want them to. For the past week its been busy as usual working family to see to and then the sheep farmer who has a field next to where i live asked if i would look after his 3 working collies as him and his wife needed a break, but the collies had to stay on the leads,that was fun you should have seen me all tied up but once they new the rules we got on fine, but its a shame to have working dogs on leads but at least they were safe.This is just a short post as i am of to the doctors to get the results from the scan that i had a couple of weeks ago.take care everyone.~Kate~

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Prim Items from e-bay

At long last some prim items from e-bay u.k.This lady was having a huge clear out and i managed to bag these items, i missed out on primitive pears just like the ones Rondell won a while back, i was so annoyed with my self as i should have put in a max bid, but with all my problems last week i forgot.The pipberry tree was home made but it is well done and i just love the giraffe also the masson jar with rag balls And here are a few items i bought at the car boot sale on sunday.The red baskets will be great for holding cd/dvds or craft items and the blocks i thought i could paint, its a pity the were not all that dark red or blue,the chess board i am going to rub down and paint a deep red/or blue i will post pictures next week on watcha working wednesday and last but not least a whole jar of buttons i love buttons different types but i prefer older the better.Thats all for now as the slater has just come to fix tiles on my roof as we have had lots of rain the past 2 days and, yesterday just before my son went to go off to work night shift the rain was comming in my lounge just above the t.v so i had to dash of and find supplies to temporary fix it until today.Talk to you all later.Take care~Kate~

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Birthday BBQ

Hi. everyone sorry i have not been posting a lot lately i have been busy with my mum who had a bad fall, and i am still working a lot of overtime.The other reason for not posting so much is i have been having problems with the menopause,hot flushes and terrible mood swings, and tommorow i go to the hospital for a scan to check my womb,so having to deal with all that my blog has been neglected,but hopefully i will be on track this week i have missed not taking part in things or catching up on the blogs. Yesterday it was my best friends birthday BBQ there were 19 people there lots of children and babies so it was quite lively.We had great food and cake but as usual you know me with my camera i deleted a few of the so here are the ones i managed to keep.The first two pictures of everyone taking part in a an old fashioned sports day, we did an egg and spoon race,bean bag,three legged and the sack race we had such fun, it did make me laugh, i forgot what fun it can be doing daft things.The next picture is my friend who's 49th birthday it was with her first grandchild Lily Jean.The other pictures are of everyone having fun.Will be posting more on Wednesday take care everyone~Kate~