Thursday, 7 August 2008

Prim Items from e-bay

At long last some prim items from e-bay u.k.This lady was having a huge clear out and i managed to bag these items, i missed out on primitive pears just like the ones Rondell won a while back, i was so annoyed with my self as i should have put in a max bid, but with all my problems last week i forgot.The pipberry tree was home made but it is well done and i just love the giraffe also the masson jar with rag balls And here are a few items i bought at the car boot sale on sunday.The red baskets will be great for holding cd/dvds or craft items and the blocks i thought i could paint, its a pity the were not all that dark red or blue,the chess board i am going to rub down and paint a deep red/or blue i will post pictures next week on watcha working wednesday and last but not least a whole jar of buttons i love buttons different types but i prefer older the better.Thats all for now as the slater has just come to fix tiles on my roof as we have had lots of rain the past 2 days and, yesterday just before my son went to go off to work night shift the rain was comming in my lounge just above the t.v so i had to dash of and find supplies to temporary fix it until today.Talk to you all later.Take care~Kate~


Diane said...

Kate ! you said you didnt buy much at the boot fair, but i see a lot on your table ha ha. Is your roof OK? I thought that rain would never stop, you should see all the weeds in my garden cause of it. Maybe i could sneak in another dog if I blindfolded Penny Ha Ha, later, x

simple~needs said...

thanks for posting on my blog. :)
you got some great finds!!
i didnt know there was a separate ebay for uk? i wonder what shipping is like to the usa? cause you defintitely got some goodies i wish i had!!:)

This Country Girl said...


I'm glad to see you were able to find some prim things on ebay! Good for you!

I wish I could send some of the sunshine over your way...we need rain! I don't want too much, just enough! :) I hope you get your leak all fixed...I'm so sorry! That's very aggravating, I'm sure!


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Wish I could pick a favorite, but I like it all! You sure know how to shop.

Hope this week is much better for you ... and after all those sweet treasures, I'm sure its already looking pretty good!


Pooky said...

Hi Kate, Who's been a busy girl? You got some nice items, it isn't often that there are many prim things on ukebay! I like the jar! Have you thought about a dark stain on the checkerboard over the top rather than repainting it? I guess it depends on what the finish is, is it varnished? Hope the roof is fixed.

Prim Lover/Farmgirl Dreamer said...

You got some awesome finds! WTG! I know what you mean about rain, we actually got some much needed rain today but we didnt need the dime size hail with it, lol.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh what wonderful goodies! I love the little tree, Kate!!
Looks like some wonderful finds- you are one great treasure hunter!

Merrie. said...

Hi Kate; I love your finds; thanks for visiting with me the other day. I found another one of your local friend's blogs; she is a very nice lady too! See you again soon! Merrie