Sunday, 28 September 2008

My Latest Finds at the car boor sale

Hi,Just a few pictures of my latest finds at the car boot sale,i was lucky with the pumpkins, the ceramic one was only 50 pence as it had a small chip on it, the other one is made of resin and lights up in different colours,it really hard to come across halloween items at this time of year,you see here in the u.k its only just started to take off with all the outside and inside decorations,also its only in the last few years we started to use pumpkins, the children were given neeps(turnip to everyone south of the border)neeps are a vegetable thats used in soup and can be eaten with meat or chicken and last but not least its great on Robbie Burns night and the turnip is eaten with haggis,but i will post about that later.Every mother used to dread helping carve out the turnip as its really hard inside and a nightmare to carve a face on to it, then we all had to cut up a household white candle to go inside it, but it was fun.The other items i came across was a large glass jar that i hope to plant spring bulbs in,the paper stacking boxes i hope to paint time permitting.Then the star light fitting (my son hates that by the way but to bad i say)lol.will go in my back hall thats in the process of getting painted,the peg rack that will also get a makeover and the basket.The other goodies were a jamjar/pickle holder and ikea lampshade and a picture frame that i think could be used for something else i am open to suggestions,it has 2 small black clips to hold a picture,so any help please.Well thats all for now, its going to be a busy week for me my beautiful grandson will be 1 on the 1st of October so we all be celebrating as a family and no doubt taking lots of pictures.Take Care Everyone~Kate~

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Pictures of my Family

Hi.just thought i would share a few pictures of my family who came home for a visit.This is a picture of the cottage my brother rented for the week it was an old bothy converted to a holiday home.My niece loved these cows they were in the field next to the cottage and of course cows are curious animals they always followed you if you walked past them.The next picture is myself with my youngest brother and then my brother older brother.Oops i need my hair coloured and of course my darling borthers didn't take long in pointing this out so my appointment is now course i had to have one of my beautiful grandson who will be 1 next week on the 1st of October,the other picture is of my mum ,sons and niece at the beach it was not a nice day then, but for the past week we have had lovely sunny weather cooler in the morning and night but still great to go for walks.Sorry the pictures are all out of sorts but my other brother couldn't help with my computer as they had to go home sooner than they expected but i am not giving up hope to get this right.I will post pictures later of my latest finds at the car boot sale and a jumble sale i went to,it will soon be time to call it a day for the car boot sales but as my friend always asks do i really need any more .Lol.Take care~Kate~

Saturday, 13 September 2008

I Have been busy honest

Where does the time go to, i can't beleive its been 2 weeks since i have posted, but i have been busy with overtime again at work and looking after a work friends 3 chickens and 2 ducks someone elses cat and last week i got a frantic call from someone saying there friend had let them down with walking the dog for 2 weeks at at short notice,ie 12hours so of course i said i would help,also i now look after Ellis 1 day a week so that keeps me so busy you just can't take your eyes of hime as he is now into is a picture of him at his boggie babies its a singing class with musical instruments.Also i have made a couple of fall signs whisked u p a batch of the home made laudry powder and we just love it.Then i made some strawberry and gooseberry jam so i have not been that idle.The car boot sale has not been on due to the weather but i am keeping my fingers crossed it will by nice on Sunday,my thoughts are with everyones families that are affected by the horrible weather you have all been having i should not be complaining we only have damp and dull weather and our homes are safe.Will post later if i find any goodies from the car boot.~take care~Kate~