Sunday, 28 September 2008

My Latest Finds at the car boor sale

Hi,Just a few pictures of my latest finds at the car boot sale,i was lucky with the pumpkins, the ceramic one was only 50 pence as it had a small chip on it, the other one is made of resin and lights up in different colours,it really hard to come across halloween items at this time of year,you see here in the u.k its only just started to take off with all the outside and inside decorations,also its only in the last few years we started to use pumpkins, the children were given neeps(turnip to everyone south of the border)neeps are a vegetable thats used in soup and can be eaten with meat or chicken and last but not least its great on Robbie Burns night and the turnip is eaten with haggis,but i will post about that later.Every mother used to dread helping carve out the turnip as its really hard inside and a nightmare to carve a face on to it, then we all had to cut up a household white candle to go inside it, but it was fun.The other items i came across was a large glass jar that i hope to plant spring bulbs in,the paper stacking boxes i hope to paint time permitting.Then the star light fitting (my son hates that by the way but to bad i say)lol.will go in my back hall thats in the process of getting painted,the peg rack that will also get a makeover and the basket.The other goodies were a jamjar/pickle holder and ikea lampshade and a picture frame that i think could be used for something else i am open to suggestions,it has 2 small black clips to hold a picture,so any help please.Well thats all for now, its going to be a busy week for me my beautiful grandson will be 1 on the 1st of October so we all be celebrating as a family and no doubt taking lots of pictures.Take Care Everyone~Kate~


Jenn said...

Hi Kate,

GREAT finds, you too!!
Our pumpkins didnt do good here either, I got 1 pumpkin out of 6 plants. I cant wait to see what you do with the stacking boxes

Terry and Jackie said...

Those are great stacking boxes. If you get bored with the pictures on them they would look great covered with a coffee aged cotton print fabric.
Sheesh...I can't even imagine carving a face on a husband loves them and I dread paring one up for supper!!
That's why I cheat and just score through the skin and toss it in the microwave.
Take Care!
Jackie at The Red Door

basketsnprims said...

What great finds! I, too, am anxious to see what you do with the stacking boxes. I love turnips. Have a great evening.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hi there Kate,
Well it looks like you hit the jackpot with your can always paint and distress the left a comment on my blog and it made me giggle as you know my cats too well..that box is sitting in my room and I took photos of our kitty getting inside of it..trying to lie down...:) when we were in Scotland I actually tried to order Haggis, but none of the restaurants had I was willing to give it a shot...I found the turnip story very interesting as well...Italy when we lived there in 99-2001 was just getting into halloween as well..the kids would come trick or treating and the moms would stand outside with goodie like homemade desserts etc..not candy..which I would go for now was nice to see them get into it too...have a good one and enjoy your grandsons 1st birthday...:)

Diane said...

What is that?? Its a basket !! You cant get away with fibbing to me on the phone now cause I just check your blog to find you out ha ha !! And I did, ok it is a nice basket, soI will let you off this one time. Im away to make a watch with those beads, let you see it later if it works out. If you see any apple boxes or those old wooden wine boxes, get them for me will you?...later x

Diane said...

that picture frame with the two clips, you could make a little quilt and hang it from the clips, made a watch from the beads, have to let you see it it may be too big as i used that special elastic and the first one was too small but now i think it may be too big, im wearing it so we shall see. Did you get pic of Ellis in his blue jacket for me? ...x

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Wow!!! What great finds.

I especially like the peg rack and star light.



sharie said...

Great finds. I like the lampshade. Someone was asking on ebay or somewhere similar about where to get that pattern. I think they are rare now. I noticed as I have 2 cushion covers in the same fabric.

LOL I remember making my Dad carve a face in a swede (or turnip as we called them) and then getting a candle and putting it inside.
Great fun and lovely memories.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love the stacking boxes Kate, have you decided on how you are going to prim them?

Turnips? I've never heard of that.

Everything is great and have a wonderful time with Ellis.

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