Wednesday, 23 July 2008

This is a car boot sale

Hi Everyone.I remembered my camera this week, this is what a car boot sale looks like, i hope it gives you an idea how it goes,people come get a car parking space,open thier car boot,have a large table for bits and bobs hanging racks for clothes and curtains etc.People sell all sorts of things chairs, tables,pine bookcases ,sideboards and even kitchen sinks .Normally its twice this size but i still managed to bag a few goodies.One lady was selling these empty picture frames for 50p i bought 3 i will have to buy some mounts and put in prints and change them with the seasons,this is a few pictures i hope to change not sure if i should paint the frames or leave well alone.The table cloth was a real find it is actually all hand applique should make a nice item for my halloween table.My friend who was with me found the cute jars with the unusual lids i thought they were sweet then i found the little cheese knives in a block and last but not least a beech plate rack.Hope you all enjoy the pictures there are lots.Take care ~Kate~

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Watcha working on Wednesday

Well its Wednesday again over at Leslie's at my countryhome,Mind you i am late again its Thursday sorry.Ihave been working on christmas stitcheries for a while here are some pictures in progress hope you can get an idea what they are like.When i have enough blocks,they will make a quilt like the 2 pictures shown, they were made by my prim friend Diane ,Diane is the one who introduced me to prim, i wish you could see a lot of her prim makes, maybe she will let make a posting of her quilts,dolls and stitcheries.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The family are home now

The family arrived home on Monday safe and well from Australia.Myself and Ellis's other grandma were at the airport to meet them,my sons were laughing at us, as all we wanted to do was give our grandson lots of kisses and cuddles, then we remembered them lol.They all had a great time just a bit jet lagged and Ellis is cutting his top teeth so he is out of sorts.The pictures of us at the airport are while we were waiting for the baggage to come through,i am in the white t-shirt and thats his other grandma,we were taking turns to cuddle him.The other pictures are of this weeks car boot finds, i did take my camera to the car boot sale and take pictures but i mangaged to delete them lol, so i will take more next week.The reason i have not been posting as often i feel i should is work this month is so busy, and my mother has not been well and she needs a lot of my time.Hopefully i will be posting pictures later tonight on watcha working on wednesday.blessings to you all~kate~

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Watcha working on wednesday

This is the 4th time of trying to post, my computer is driving me mad!!!!Last week i was supposed to be upgraded for faster broadband and i have had nothing but trouble,4 times i had all the pictures everything all ready to post then it just switched off, okay enough of my moaning.Last week i was working on a couple of signs, this week i managed to finish them, i know they are not perfect but i like them.The next item i would like to try and stencil is a gameboard,i have the check stencil but now i need to find toppers and sides to finish it off.The other item i am just about to finish is this halloween strip quilt.When i was in my local quilt shop last year the lady had one on display and she told me they were quick to run up and i do so love halloween.I made one for my friend but didn't manage to finish my one on time but now this will be on time for this halloween. This christmas i am hoping to make a few strip for presents so i will keep you posted.Its great to do this watcha working on wednesday, it spurs me on to finish items, thank you leslie.Take care everyone~kate~

Dresser change and more car boot finds.

It is time for a change on my dresser,my friend always ask what i do with the items i buy from the car boot sale.Well since i have discovered blog land and see everyones lovely decor, i thought i would now have a change of items on my dresser and display all my lovely finds.Its really difficlut to find real prims like you have across there, but time permitting i am now going to try and make most items.The only store that sells anything remotly prim is TK Max and even then you have to make a few trips a week to get the best items.Halloween and christmas they have great items and i have been collecting halloween decor for a number of years now, i cant' t wait to show you all.Everything on the top of the dresser are items by heartwood creek ,the next shelf down are plates by Carol Endres i just love everything she does,the plates were an e-bay find here in the u.k.i sat at the computer for the last minutes bidding and won the whole set i was over the moon.The next lot of items on the dresser are all thrift finds even the lamps.The rocking chair was a carboot find and the cushions and the cats and doll was made by my dear friend pookie.Hope you enjoy the pictures.Will post later in the day watcha working wednesday later.~kate~

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Car boot sale finds

On Saturday there was a village car boot sale and i just finished work and i thought will i or won't i go, but the urge won.When i arrived there was about 12 cars not big but i did find some goodies so i thought i would post pictures of saturdays finds and sundays.The curtains with the apples are wide and long and also lined, my friend thought they were awful bit i liked them they were different mind you i am not sure where they are going to hang yet. The picture frames were a steal, the lady only wanted 30pence each so i had to have them all.everything else was £1 and of course no car boot sale is worth going to if i don't came home without a basket or 2 lol.Will post more pictures of the week befores loot, i must remember to take my camera and show you all what a car boot sale is like.Take care everyone.Kate

Thursday, 3 July 2008

~watcha working on wednesday~

Hope i am doing this right lesley.Last week i bought some nice blue wool from the car boot sale and i thought i would knit Ellis a jumper for the winter its a lovely colour of blue and it will match his eyes, so now i will have to complete it to show everyone, i am terrible for not finishing things but now i will have to so i can show you all lol.The other craft items i am working on is making some signs, i bought stencils from e-bay in the states, and i actually found some nice barn red paint at my local diy store.,and someone gave me pine wood that was going in a skip,my friend who is a non prim friend was laughing at me but i will show her when i have finished and i bet you she will want one lol.Hope the pictures are clear. Take care kate

Look what came in the post

Look what arrived through the post on Saturday from my new prim friend Anne from Southport England,lots of you will know her as Pooky from the CS forum.I met Anne through the forum and have been e-mailing for the past couple of months its great to hear from her .It was her birthday last month and i managed to find an old washboard Anne had been looking for one for a while and it was great fun to find lots of prim items for her and know they were greatfully recieved.On Saturday i came home from saying cheerio to the family before they went of to Australia and was feeling a bit low, but when i opened my parcel it cheered me up no end. hope you enjoy the pictures as i have loved everything Pooky has handmade these with love.Thank you POOKY.