Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Birthday Boy and Party

I can hardly beleive Ellis my beautiful grandson was one on the 1st of October.He had a birthday tea on the day but the poor little soul was poorly with a bad cold and cough which he shared with me .As usual the pictures are all out of order but i will try and tell you who they are.The 1st picture is of Ellis dressed as a bat for his big party on the Sunday as you can see he was enjoying his sandwich,the next picture of my friend with her witches hat on the other pictures are of the other children in thier fancy dress outfits.Diane made his dragon cake for the birthday tea then made another 2 for the fancy dress party, Diane loves to create as you can see she is creative Ellis is a very lucky boy.As you can see Millie the black lab was wanting to join in with Ellis to blow out his candle,as a lab looking for any crumbs that might drop she is just a week i have not been well even off my work with the flu so hence my lack of postings,i even couldn't go the the car boot sale how bad is that,but hopefully i will go for 2 more weeks then its time to call it a day until the New Year.The weather here has been very mixed with rain a lot of it at times then warm sunny days,our trees are just starting to turn i must take a few pictures.Well thats all for now.Take care~Kate~