Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Pictures of my Family

Hi.just thought i would share a few pictures of my family who came home for a visit.This is a picture of the cottage my brother rented for the week it was an old bothy converted to a holiday home.My niece loved these cows they were in the field next to the cottage and of course cows are curious animals they always followed you if you walked past them.The next picture is myself with my youngest brother and then my brother older brother.Oops i need my hair coloured and of course my darling borthers didn't take long in pointing this out so my appointment is now course i had to have one of my beautiful grandson who will be 1 next week on the 1st of October,the other picture is of my mum ,sons and niece at the beach it was not a nice day then, but for the past week we have had lovely sunny weather cooler in the morning and night but still great to go for walks.Sorry the pictures are all out of sorts but my other brother couldn't help with my computer as they had to go home sooner than they expected but i am not giving up hope to get this right.I will post pictures later of my latest finds at the car boot sale and a jumble sale i went to,it will soon be time to call it a day for the car boot sales but as my friend always asks do i really need any more .Lol.Take care~Kate~


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a beautiful family you have and look at the cheeks on your cute.
Yes, the time for the flea markets are coming to a close, the one I go to though has a big building and they hold it all thur the winter.

basketsnprims said...

You do have such a beautiful family & the countryside where you live is just gorgeous.


Jenn said...

What a handsome lil guy!
The beach picture is fantastic!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

You are such a cute all look like you get along? and you have such a contagious smile...keep it up:) Glad your trip to the beach was a nice one for you...")

Shanda said...

Very lovely pics of a lovely family. Love the beach picture.

Diane said...

was that Balmedie you went to? Cant belive Ellis is 1 already. Have you been able to keep rollo indoors? Do you miss the ducks? We went to thepond down by my mums and the ducks all came over thinking we had food, Rosie was thinking of going in there with them, she almost had Stewart pulled over.If your at the boot fair NO MORE BASKETS!!