Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Just to say thank you and a few pictures

This was my very first award the Art Pico, that was given to me by Rondell at tomatoe-creek prims,Rondell has made me feel really welcome and introduced me to all you wonderful ladies in blogland,as i said before i am not good at graphics etc and i feel really bad for not doing this sooner. The other award I Love your blog was given to me by Merrie from wheretheblackbirdsings like Rondell ,Merrie has made feel welcome and i love her stories about all her doggies.My family are comming home in a few weeks time so i am going to capture my brother and sister-in-law and keep them until i can work this pictures and everything else i have discovered all of the wondeful blogs about prim and everyones home life and pictures i have not watched tv at all and i can't say i am sorry.You are lovely people and i am so glad i have discovered you all.This is a few pictures of my car boot sale finds. Yes Diane this is yet another basket but its to put christmas goodies in,the stool will be rubbed down and painted,the chicken was given to me by my friend in Shetland its lovely autum colours so it will go nicely at this time of year,the napkins i will prim up.The socks were hand knitted by the lady's grandma and i only paid £2.00 and they are pure wool soft and warm.Thank you again to everyone who takes time to read my blog and leave comments i really do appreciate everyone.Take Care~Kate~


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Wait take a close up of the stool. Looks as though there is stenciling on the side. I want to see it before you paint over it. I would maybe rub a dark glaze on it instead of paint.


Wendy said...

Hi Kate thanks for coming by my blog!!! I love your blog and I am putting you on my blogroll if you don't mind!! Have a great day!~Wendy

This Country Girl said...

Congratulations on your awards, Kate!

I especially love that stool! That was a great find! Those car boot sales sound fun!

Have a great day!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I think I'm going to start calling my fleamarket Sunday's, car boot Everyone would say, what?
Love that bench and I agree with Mary that is stenciling and I wouldn't paint it just glaze it:) I love those socks Kate, I bet the are so warm and cozy!
Have a wonderful day.

Wendy said...

Hi Kate I forgot to tell you that yes I did buy the pillow shams to go with the quilt!! If you make some let me know I would like to see them!! Have a great night!~Wendy

Pamela said...

Goode Evening...

Thank you for stopping in to visit w/ me, hope you stroll on over again soon.

Love them... there wool socks, they would truly feel good here in Kentucky during the Winter.

Blessings 2 you, Pamela

sharie said...

I love that chicken! How talented your friend is.
Well done on the car boot sale finds.

Merrie. said...

I love your finds Kate! Cant wait to see what you decide to do with the stool! Merrie

Diane said...

That bear I made was called Ralph, that is a nice stool did the paint come off with sanding? I think I will do the other chair to match, may as well both look the same. Be good at the boot fair, lol x

This simple Life said...

We drove by the flea market and there were people out front selling from there trunks and I told my husband it was a car boot sale. He laughed at me.

I like your goodies.

Pooky said...

I see you have been at it again! Great stool, love the hen too. How do you manage to find these bargains? Bet you are counting the days till the family are visiting.


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh Kate, you do find the most wonderful treasures!

Hope sweet Ellis is well and happy! I had a few spare minutes tonight and wanted to stop by and say hello!


Karen said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog. What is a car boot sale? Karen