Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Car boot finds and prim christmas items from e-bay

The rocking chair was a bargain i only paid £4.00 for and the basket £1 I am thinking i might paint the chair black or barn red what what do you think i would be gratefull for all suggestions.

The feather tree and reindeer i bought from e-bay here in the u.k the reindeer is about 20" tall and i just love him and the tree of course i do love pinetrees.

The basket mixing bowl and scales came from the car boot sale this weekend a i also bought more wooden childrens blocks that i am painting and you will see later hopefully,that they will work out they way i want them to. For the past week its been busy as usual working family to see to and then the sheep farmer who has a field next to where i live asked if i would look after his 3 working collies as him and his wife needed a break, but the collies had to stay on the leads,that was fun you should have seen me all tied up but once they new the rules we got on fine, but its a shame to have working dogs on leads but at least they were safe.This is just a short post as i am of to the doctors to get the results from the scan that i had a couple of weeks ago.take care everyone.~Kate~


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Kate,
What great finds you found at the car boot sale:) I'm a fan of black paint so I say paint it "black".
I love that basket and such a cute pine tree.
Hope everything was okay at the doctors.

Diane said...

Not another basket!!! Ha Hs, you didnt mention that when you spoke to me, did it slip your mind? Is the farmer back now? Did I tell you my chair worked in the end?I used a different paint, sot of cream colour, then distressed it and wound twine round the bottom of the legs and I think it looks OK. What did the DR say, has she given you different tablets? We could bearly get parked at the hospital on Tues, on Fri Im going to sit in the car if we cant get parked and if Im moved on I'll drive down to the dentists bit and hang about there and then move back up to where Stewart is treated, we checked at the westbun car park and it was full on Tues too. He cant risk missing an appointmen just cause we cant park. Paint it red, or paint it black first then red on top and rub the red off in places. Later..X

Julie said...

I vote black. It looks so prim and cute when painted black. I hope your visit to the doctor's goes okay. Julie

Raggedy Angel said...

Hello Kate...yes I will ship to you
(and I need to change that in my etsy) You let me know what you want and I will get it to you.

Merrie. said...

Hi Kate; thanks for visiting me; I hope you will put the I love your blog award on your blog; from me because I do love it! So I second Rondell; paint it black; although I love red too! I have been painting a lot of things black recently; I'm about to get a permanently black fingertip from the spray paint cans! LOL! Merrie
( the bullies say hello to their friend Kate too)

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh my word what goodies you have!!! I personally love black. It goes with all decors.

That basket is awesome. I keep hoping I stumble on one to hang on a peg rack.

I'll be thinking of you at your doctors appointment.


sharie said...

just found your blog and had to post to say I love your boot sale finds!

Pooky said...

Kate I don't know how you manage to get such bargains. The rocker is wonderful, for what you paid take a chance and paint it black. I like the basket too. Waiting to see the Halloween items you said you were working on. Bet those collies kept you too busy to find the time!

Mandie said...

Definitely black, It has been one of my favs for quite some time. I love how it looks when sanded/distressed down.


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Very nice finds. Love that basket. It is my favorite type.

Hope all went well at the doctor.