Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Few pictures

My daughter-in-law was bridesmaid at her best school friends wedding in January ,it was a freezing cold day little Ellis had to wear a warm jumper with outfit.He wore the same tartan as his dad he was so sweet(i would say that)he was good in church his dad kept him quiet by feeding him pancakes,i looked after him while they went on to the wedding party and i picked them up the next day.
This is my 2 of my kitties i have 8, most of them live outside except when its snowing a lot and this day it was,so i discovered this 2 all snuggled up on my bed.The patchwork is actually a duvet cover i bought from e-bay,it was a quilt top but they must have decided to make a duvet cover i just love all the colours and it is all hand stitched i lie in bed and night and try to imagine where all the patches have came from the items of clothing,i think there are pieces from curtains, mens shirts , and ladies dresses, i bet they have a lot of history.I love old quilts i must take a few pictures of all the quilts i have collected ,one day i will have a post about that.

The picture below is a few more of my birthdays gifts,my friend pooky whom i met through the CS forum, gave me this lovely candle stick i just love the colour of it, and the little clothes pegs and the scented sachets all my favourite scents and the little birds nest for easter.The mohair bear was hand made by my prim friend Diane.The jars with thread and buttons are just for show.

I was so lucky on my birthday to have such warm and kind friends,the Grandma Memory box was also from Pooky as was the Willow girl i now have a few of these i love them.The cat sewing box was from another friend and the picture album was another gift from a prim friend.Well thats all for now hope you enjoy the pictures Take care~Kate~



Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by my Blog. I do love Scotland so, not that I get up there very much!
Nice to 'meet' you, nice 'family feeling' blog, I will be back for more.
x Vicky x

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love all the neat gifts you recieved for you birhtday Kate!

The quilt top from ebay is so pretty and I like the pillows you have to go with them.

Your grandson is getting so big and he sure looked handsome with being dressed like dad:)

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a lovely blog!!! I like folksy, primitive things too, as well as shabby chic. Thank you for your lovely comments on my quilts, I love your hexagon quilt, the hours that must have gone into that!
Sorry, I haven't got back to you earlier, but will definitely add you to my list!!
You have a great little grandson!!

Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

alice c said...

Hello Kate,
Thank you for visiting my blog! What a beautiful grandson you have - so cute in his tartan.

Bagladee said...

Oh what wonderful news!! I would love to have your copy of issue 4 if thats ok. Let me know if you would like to swap for something or I could send you a surprise in the post. Let me know :) YEY!!!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Can't wait to see your 'thrifty' finds!!

Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx