Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy New Year From Scotland

Wishing you all a very Happy And Healthy 2009.My friends and i attended a hogmany party at our local hotel.This is the very first time we have done this we are usually found staying at home watching the New Year on the T.V,so we decided to book this back in the summer.It started at 6.30pm and went on until 1.00 a.m we had a great time ,this is a picture of the lady piper piping in the New Year, i did try and get more pictures but my camera was not working very well.
This is a picture of my friend and husband bringing 2009.

This is Hazel trying to work out how to blow up these balloons,every one had at least 3 each per person so you can imagine the fun that was had by all.As soon as the band started every one was on the floor dancing the Gay Gordons,Dashing White sargent,strip the willow and of course an eightsome reel.I was quite surprised we managed to do all the dances and not have sore feet the next day.The company was great everyone joined in and danced with other couples,so we are booking again soon.I will be posting pictures of my christmas, i know late as usual,i had the flu twice in December then had to go to the doctors on the 30th december as i had sinus problems and thank goodness he prescribed anitboitics.This is just a short post.Hope you are all well and looking forward to 2009.Take care~Kate~

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Terry said...

It's good to see you back.
Looks like your New Years was a fun one!
Hope you're feeling better.