Thursday, 22 May 2008

My first blog from Scotland United Kingdom

Hi to every one from scotland united kingdom.Iam so new to this, so if you can just hang in there with me while i find my way around that would be great.I am mother to two grown up sons, and grandma to Ellis James who is 7months old and my first grandchild who is beautiful handsome, thats what i tell him every time i see him .This year has been great for finding webshots pictures of all your lovley homes and now the bloggspots.You see hear in the north east of scotland no one understands primitive folk art or primitives.I only have two dear friends who have similar tastes to yourselves, and boy do we have a hard time tracking down items.Just a couple of years ago we discovered e-bay and all the lovley items we could buy from the states.The places to find bargains and old and worn items are at our local car boot sale which is held every week about 15miles away, so every Sunday my mum and a couple of friends head of at 7.00a.m for a couple of hours and come home with lots of bargains(well i do).The other places are charity shops and if i am really lucky the odd huge jumble sale that you have to rumage, but thats part of the fun i think.Still trying to work out how to upload pictures and when i do i will post my finds here.Well thats all for now i thought i would just try this out and see how i to you soon.Kate


Kindra said...

Welcome to blogging! I found your site off another blog. I guess that's how it works...I have 2 little boys. Aren't boys the greatest!! My mom tells me being a grandma is the greatest, I'm sure you will agree. :) I am also a fan of primitives!! I make them and buy them. Can't wait to see pictures of your prims! Have a great day!

This Country Girl said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm going to save you to favorites so I can check back in with you often!

Congratulations on your little grandson, Ellis. I'm sure he's a joy!

Loading pictures onto your blog isn't that hard. If you have them saved on your computer, you just hit the little button at the top of your post (it's an icon) that will say add images. It will pop up for you to browse your computer. You then find the picture you want to add and it will add it for you. Good luck!

You'll have to show us pictures of Scotland too! I've heard that it is really beautiful! We did study it one time in our homeschooling studies!

Have a great weekend!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Just found your blog through another blogger! Welcome to blogland! Can't wait to see your homeland. . . and YOU, of course!
Come on over to my blog when you have a chance! Have a great day!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Kate,
Can't wait to see your pics of Scotland. I found you from "this country girl".
Loading pics is so easy I'll be checking back have a great day!

blessings Rondell

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Well you know I just had to finish reading ALL your posts! So nice getting to know you.

Wishing you joy,