Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Busy Weekend

Thank you to everyone who left comments i was so thrilled that you all had taken time to look.This weekend was a busy one at work and home.Friday and Saturday was busy with emergencies thankfully all the animals are well and on the road to recovery.But the computer,printer and switch machine all played up so that took a lot of time,the telephone never stopped ringing,boy was i glad to get home.Then my son came in with his dog(black labrador called Millie who is the biggest thief for food) to stay over the weekend as they had birthday parties,golf outings and having a good time to go to.When i arrived home all the dogs were desperate for thier walk so it was of round the moor for a short walk, it was a lovely sunny afternoon so that made me feel lots better.After that it was off to the supermarket as i forgot to buy the doggies food and that wouldn't do.At night i met up with four friends to celebrate my best friend becoming a grandma for the first time, her daughter gave birth to a little girl called Lily Jean.We had a lovely time chatting and eating we went to a chinese and the food was great.Sunday i was up at 6.30 to give the dogs a quick run then let the chickens out then had to pick my mum up and head off to the car boot sale.The sun was shinning it was warm and there was lots of cars.I bought toys for my grandson an old wash board a set of baskets a mixing bowl made by TG Green an other old basket and 2 glass lanterns.But i could kick my self i missed an unusual lamp that would have been a great prim item, i stopped to think for 1 minute and someone snapped it up i was hopping mad, but as my friend says it was not ment for you.Well thats all for now. Iam going to try and post a couple of pictures, so wish me luck.hugs. kate P.S this is my hansome grandson and my first picture i have uploaded.


This Country Girl said...

You sure were't kiddin'....he's a cutie pie! Thanks for sharing his handsome face with us!

Have a great day!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Oh my ~ he is a perfect cherub!