Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to you all in blogland,i have been a bad blogger but hopefully this year i will be good and post at least once a week.I know i am late with my christmas pictures but here are a few of some of my favourite christmas goodies,this santa and reindeer were from Au Natural a few years ago for 50p each and the sledge was from the Pier the card came from the states.

This is a picture taken nearly 3 weeks ago of my old collie Rollo as you can see she is not to happy bless her the other dogs were rolling about out of shot and enjoying themselves.

This is Tykee who is always up high somewhere she shouldn't be next to my Heartwoodcreek nativity scene i love heartwood creek they make lots of different santas snowmen and animals even walt disney items,i will post pictures later of my collection,the pictures are folk art christmas cards.

This picture was taken the Tuesday before christmas,my daughter-in-law got stuck in a bad traffic jam because of the snow after taking my son to work so she popped in for breakfast and stopped with me for a couple of hours until the snow stopped and its been like this ever since, i am managing to get out with my sons trusty escort and it holds the roads really well.

This was after it had stopped snowing as you can see there was a lot,then the next few days it became so icy it was lethal to walk on,but we have made it so far with no injuries.Thats all for now but i will post a few pictures of my christmas presents.I also have been having computer problems i.e my last one crashing then changing to windows vista and my service providor driving me and my daughter-in-law mad with instructions,but i am up and running and finding my way with the laptop.Hope everyone in blogland is keeping safe with the snow .~Take Care Kate~

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Lyn said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!