Saturday, 30 May 2009


Sorry for lack of posts,but i have been so busy looking after my mum who had a bad fall a broke her ribs,then a bad chest infection,she is now on the mend thank goodness and i think this lovely sunshine is helping.Also what spare time i do have i love to spend as much time with this handsome little boy, i can't beleive he will be 2 soon he is such a joy to spend time with, he loves to walk and be outdoors what ever the weather,he is just starting to say lots of words and he enjoys looking at his books i love reading to him.
For the past couple of weeks the car boot sale has not been good but last week it was great,i bought this table for a couple of pounds hopefully if the weather stays dry i will get it painted.The orange cake tins were 50p the red cake tin was a £1 and the little kitchen utensils were 30p for the lot.

Of course i can never come home without books,again they were 30p 10p and 50p,the chicken cookbook is going south to my brother and his wife,every time i ask what he is having for tea or dinner its usually chicken or salmon so i am always on the lookout for these sort of books.It looks like its going to be another warm and sunny day here in the North East so Sundays car boot sale should be a good one,fingers crossed.

Here are a few more bargains from last week,the beads are going to my friend who makes her own jewellery,again every thing was between 30pfor the bells 50p -£2 for the jewellery the cd /radio again was £2.00.I also bought a huge bag of tennis balls for the dogs.

And yet more books,all Enid Blyton they were 10p each.So all in all a great haul.Lets hope tomorrow will be as good,i am now of to watch the final of Britains got Talent.Hope you all have a great weekend.~Kate~


Diane said...

I just dont know where the time goes, ive not posted in ages either. Ellis has grown, cant believe he soon be 2!! I have been making cards will have to photograph them before i give them away, i am freezing by the way you didnt wish for that snow we have up in th hills did you? Shame on you if you did.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love those bargains!! You little grandson is a handsome little man! My granddaughter, Aaliyah will be 2 in December.
Have a lovely week : )

Sharon xx

Lyn said...

You have an eye for a bargain!
I popped over to give you an award, pick it up from my blog and pass it on to someone else!

Cal said...

What a great haul and a gorgeous little boy. Sorry to read your mum as been unwell but glad she is on the mend.
Have a good weekend.
Cal :>

Diane said...

Kate, go to they have 10mm hearts in red but not in stock yet let me know if this is what you want